Is this you?

  • You are suddenly faced with being single again. 
  • You have just gone through a divorce that left you feeling scared, lonely and with a broken heart. 
  • You are struggling to discover the real you.
  • You know you have to get back up, but you wonder how you will do it.
  • Your children need you to be strong, but all you want to do is crawl under the covers and hide from the world. 
  • You've lost your friend group and don't know where to turn for support. 
  • You miss being a family and wish things could be different. 
  • You have to balance full time work, full time single parenting and somehow manage to co-parent with your ex. 


What's keeping you stuck?

  • You believe you have to pretend to be happy for your children. 
  • You've lost YOU somewhere in those years of being a devoted wife. 
  • You feel betrayed and don't believe you can ever trust again. 
  • You are ashamed that your marriage ended. 
  • You feel guilty that your children are from a divorced home. 
  • You have no idea where to start. 
  • You fear your ex was right and you won't make it without him/her.   
  • You don't trust that you have what it takes to make it on your own. 
  • You don't know where to turn for support. 

I've got news for you!

You are capable of becoming the best version of yourself. You are capable of trusting and loving again. You will navigate this change and come out stronger and better than you ever imagined. 

My story

This was me

In 2006, I was just starting the divorce process and had to figure out how I was going to manage my new life while taking care of my two children. I had been a stay at home mom for 5 years and knew I didn't want to go back to the career I left when my oldest child was born. 

I had to come up with a plan, and fast. The bills were piling up and I needed a solution. I was scared and felt lost and lonely. None of my friends were divorced and they were all "couple friends" anyway so in reality, they vanished. It turns out it is hard to pick a side! I was alone, I was lonely and I was going broke until one day I decided I would start a business and within a few days I was a party planner. 

My business was a great distraction and I thought for sure I could make it work. Within a few months, my party planning business turned into a catering business/home bakery and before I knew it I was working 7 days a week and barely sleeping. Between taking care of my children, my home and my business, I was quickly burning out. The problem was that I couldn't stop or even slow down because I was barely making enough money to pay my bills as it was. 

Then 2008 came and the recession took a sledge hammer to my business. What I didn't realize at the time was that my business was built on quick sand instead of a solid foundation and as a result, the slightest change was monumental and I could not sustain it. 

I was determined though. I held on for two more years and took on three part tie jobs to try to fill in the gaps. In the end, those two years ended up costing me everything. My business, my home and my ability to stay home with my children. Ultimately, this led to bankruptcy which was for me, one fo the worst moments of my life. 

 I felt like I was failing everywhere and at everything. I believed I was not a good enough Mom and I certainly didn't think I was a good entrepreneur. I went back to corporate in 2010 and began the process of rebuilding my life. 

Looking back now, I can see there was a better way. I needed support but I foolishly didn't think I could afford it.  In reality, I couldn't afford to NOT have support. Which ultimately I learned while sitting in bankruptcy court. I have taken my experience and turned it into a way to empower women to live their best post-divorce life. To love themselves and to create a happiness that have never experienced before It is possible. I am living proof. 

Overwhelmed, exhausted, executive Mom
Overwhelmed, exhausted, executive Mom

What happened next?

I discovered freedom

When you hit rock bottom, there is only one way to go, right? I decided it was time for me to make a change. I knew I couldn't do it on my own. So I found help. A coach. Someone who would guide me through this process. Through my work with him, I left corporate, I'm home with my teens, building my career and living the life of freedom I have longed for.

I decided it was time to pay it forward. I now empower women to live their best post-divorce life. To love themselves and to create a happiness that have never experienced before.  It is possible. I am living proof.   I created Level Up to Freedom so I can help you  discover the real you, heal the hurt, learn to trust and love again and to live your very best life, filled with happiness, joy and yes, freedom! 

Together we will

  • Discover your purpose and your gifts
  • Map out your plan to achieve your desired freedom.
  • Heal the hurt that is keeping you stuck and propel you to a new level of happiness. 


What people are saying


"Denise has been my coach and mentor for several years. From day one of working with Denise, she saw the potential that I was not yet able to see in myself. She is one of the most authentic people I have ever met and I am fortunate to have crossed paths with her"- Julia 

"Denise believed in my abilities and helped to truly jump start my career. Denise is strong and truly cares about the people that work with her. She is professional, fun, helpful, and thorough. She empowers people to work hard, learn more, and stay on track." - Liz

"I met Denise early in my career, and I attribute much of my personal and professional growth to having connected with her as a positive and strong mentor. In the years that I have known Denise, she has helped me take on countless professional challenges that have led me to where I am today, including advocating for myself, seeking promotions, and transitioning out of an organization. Throughout the years, Denise's mentorship, teamwork, and leadership have been consistent, genuine, and honest. I can't express enough how glad I am to have met Denise and how integral she has been in my growth as an individual and a professional." -Jen

Why does Denise care?

I was you!

I really was. I am a single Mom who has been raising my two children, on my own, since 2006. I've been  through all the ups and downs. I have been at rock bottom, financially, physically, emotionally. My divorce left me with a bankruptcy and no plan. I had to make it work for my children, and for me. 

If I had known then what I know now, I actually wouldn't change a thing. That might sound strange, but the reality is all the trials I experienced brought me to where I am today. Everything I learned, all that I have endured gave me grit, determination and strength. I know what defeat feels like. But I also know what victory feels like. Because I made the choice to change my path. To not be a victim. To not be a stereotype. To rebuild and come back stronger than anyone thought possible. 

I know you are struggling. You cry when we you cannot attend your child's school play because you have to work. Your heart breaks when you see the disappointment on your daughter's face because you cannot chaperone her field trip. You are exhausted at the end of the day because you just don't have time to slow down. You are disgusted with the way your house looks but you have no time or energy to clean it. You feel like you are failing as a mom while you are sitting in the drive thru because there is no time to make a healthy meal that day. 

You cannot remember the last time you did something for your self. 

It does not have to be like this. Moms are not supposed to feel the way you are feeling. Life can be better. In fact, it can be glorious if you trust, focus and let it happen. I can help you. I want to help you. 

I want you to experience freedom just like I am. 

I am here for you. 

Much Love,


Happy Momboss living life on her terms.
Happy Momboss living life on her terms.